Communication with

(Last Updated: May 2023)

Shareholder Communication Policy

When circumstances permit, SIGMAXYZ Group hosts a shareholder reception in conjunction with the General Meeting of Shareholders and provides opportunities for financial results briefings and one on-one meetings as required for analysts and institutional investors. One on-one meetings are supervised by our Representative Director and President and carried out after their details are discussed with the CFO and the Director of IR, who also oversees the of handling inquiries. Meetings can be arranged with our management team, directors, including outside directors, audit and supervisory committee members, and other members, and take into account matters such as objectives and the needs of shareholders, which we try to appropriately meet within reason. The director in charge of IR assists with shareholder communication by cooperating with relevant internal departments, and all members involved comply with the Fair Disclosure Rules.

Communication of Results

Every year, our Representative Director and President, CFO, and the Director of IR present and hold a briefing session to explain management strategies and business results to our shareholders and investors when the financial results for the year are released.
As part of our efforts to encourage constructive communication, we are working to create more opportunities for one-on-one meetings with shareholders and investors, such as resuming in-person meetings with investors, which had been suspended due to COVID-19.

Reports to the Board of Directors and Acting on Them

The opinions of shareholders communicated to us are reported to the Board of Directors once every six months.

Opinions and Questions from Shareholders (Examples)

  • Progress of Full-year Earnings
  • Status of Investment Business and
    Future Investment and
    Recovery Plans
  • Factors Attributable to
    Fluctuations in Gross Margin Rate
    and Utilization Rate
  • Digital Transformation (DX) in
    Market Conditions and
    Competition with Other
  • SIGMAXYZ Group's Vision and
  • Status on Recruitment Efforts
  • Comprehensive Disclosure on
  • Reasons for Increases or
    Decreases in SG&A Expenses
  • Comprehensive Disclosure in

Acting on Reports (Fiscal year ending March 31, 2023 )

• Providing proper disclosure in English (more content on our English website and a larger scope for English translation so it includes convocation notices, etc.)