Create a beautiful tomorrow
through "Value Co-Creation"

Hiroshi Ota
Representative Director and President
SIGMAXYZ Holdings Inc.

SIGMAXYZ Group promotes its business with the mission of "Promote transformation in companies and contribute to attaining the SDGs together with clients and partners.".

“Three Innovations”

Key Transformations that Companies
Must Address in the Digital Economy

Working Toward the Future

SIGMAXYZ envisions scenarios to transform cross-industrial areas and promotes collaboration with a wide range of partners, to create a beautiful future society. SIGMAXYZ Investment deals with investments while pursuing agendas in 10 domains such as cities, infrastructure, and mobility.


On October 1, 2021, we shifted to a holding company structure in order to accelerate our growth strategy centered on the "Three Transformations".
By shifting to a holding company structure, we will further promote the professionalization of each subsidiary responsible for consulting, investment, and both businesses, and aim to enhance the value provided by the entire group through mutual collaboration.