Create a beautiful tomorrow through "Value Co-Creation"

In an environment where future changes are unpredictable, the VUCA era has arrived where conventional logic and existing business models will no longer be the norm. This is not only a starting point for reviewing past actions, but also an opportunity to change society in a significant way.


SIGMAXYZ Group, keeping eyes on the future, envision the future of the industry scenario, and co-create value with clients and business partners through cooperation of consulting and investment business.


To achieve that, we need to collaborate with people who have a broad range of capabilities. We will continue to focus on the importance of "human assets," which is the source of value creation, and grow as an organization by maximizing the capabilities and motivation of each professional. In addition, our goal is to promote the evolution of society by expanding collaboration with a broad range of companies, organizations, individuals, and communities not only within the Group but also across industries.


The SIGMAXYZ Group, as a "Sherpa" will always make strong and steady progress toward the future, together with everyone.



Hiroshi Ota
Representative Director and President
SIGMAXYZ Holdings Inc.