Group Business Structure

Creating business value through consulting and investment

SIGMAXYZ Group's business is centered on "consulting services (SIGMAXYZ Inc.)" and "investment (SIGMAXYZ Investment Inc.)."

SIGMAXYZ Inc., a consulting firm, is equipped with a wide range of capabilities including program and project management, ERP cloud migration services, business process transformation, construction of multi-sided platforms, new business development and operation, in addition to promotion of the Three Innovations (DX, SX, MX). The company not only provides a consulting service for problem solving, but also promotes business alignment to create new business models, draws up scenarios for establishing joint ventures, and will take part in value-creation activities by leveraging the investments made by SIGMAXYZ Investment Inc. SIGMAXYZ Investment Inc. expands investment projects, and supports investee companies increase their value by leveraging the capabilities of SIGMAXYZ Inc. The company will contribute to achieving the SIGMAXYZ Group's 3X through its investment business aiming to create values to the society.

Innovation comes from networks and collaboration between people and organizations. SIGMAXYZ Group will flexibly combine its consulting and investment capabilities in line with its objectives, and will work to create new value by taking advantage of the broad networking capabilities of each group company.