Bring together the wisdom of the world

Value proposition

We lead our partners of future, which we create together,
to succeed more expeditiously and reliably.

  1. Envisioning the future together with our partners and designing a scheme for its realization.
  2. Supporting our partners by leveraging our advanced technologies and global knowledge.
  3. Realizing a society where financial, empathetic and common social capitals are in harmony.

Our Businesses

Financing scheme

  • Venture investment
  • Growth buyout
  • Carve-outs
  • Co-investment

Value-up support

  • Strategic partnerships with large corporates
  • Value-up with support from Sigmaxyz Inc.
  • Creation of domain ecosystem

Focus areas

Regenerative & Wellbeing
Enriching people's lives while making wise use of the earth's resources

We will invest in the following domains.


How can we create a city where people can connect and enjoy their lives while building resilience to natural disasters?


What kind of infrastructure can sustainably support a city while taking into account population decline and environmental concerns?


How can “connect”, “transport”, and “transfer” change and evolve depending on the goal?


How can we achieve sustainable value creation, while circulating the earth's resources?


How can legacy industries evolve through the use of advanced technology?

Virtual space

What kind of world can allow people from all walks of life to become creators?


What is a food experience that is both delicious, enjoyable, and healthy?



Health and longevity

How can we achieve longevity through habits including exercise, sleep, and other external support?

Learn & work

How can we continue to flexibly change our way of life to adapt to social changes?


How do we nurture and develop our minds?


Ghelia Inc.

Monstarlab Holdings Inc.

Creww, Inc.

eWeLL Co., Ltd.

Forest Energy Inc.

Shizen Energy Inc.

Mental Health Technologies Co., Ltd.




Social Interior Inc.


Syuppin Co., Ltd.



SX Capital, Inc.


Fresco Capital

Professional Team

Hideyuki Kudo

Chairman and Representative Director


Hideyuki Kudo joined the firm as a Member of the Board in 2022, and was appointed as Chairman and Representative Director on April, 2023. Prior to that, he had assumed number of key roles at Shinsei Bank, including President & CEO, CRO, and Head of Structured Finance. His other experience includes acquisitions and management of portfolio companies at a non-Japanese investment management firm, and strategic planning, M&A advisory at a major Japanese banking group.

Shunichi Shibanuma

President and Representative Director


After working for the Bank of Japan, a foreign consulting firm, and a private equity-owned security company, Shunichi Shibanuma joined SIGMAXYZ and has been engaged in business development consulting as well leading investment in ventures, JV, carve-out, and pre-IPO companies. He has made it his life's work to contribute to future society and has participated in many social projects.

Kenichi Shibata

Representative Director
Head of Legal and Compliance


After working for a major telecommunications carrier and SIGMAXYZ, he joined the company from its establishment to the present. At a major telecommunications carrier, he was a key leader in M&A, business alliances and new business projects. At SIGMAXYZ, he was involved in JVs, venture investments, MBOs and carve-outs projects as the legal head. He also supported major portfolio companies as a board member.

Shuichi Kondo

Board member


Shuichi Kondo joined the firm as a board member in 2021 after working for a major Japanese securities firm and a securities firm specializing in inter-dealer trading of government bonds. He was engaged in corporate and international finance business in Tokyo, London, and New York at the previous companies, and was also responsible for business reform, sales planning, and business administration in the accounting, finance, and planning departments at the head office.

Hideki Kondo

Board member


After working for a venture capital arm of a major securities firm, Hideki Kondo was appointed as President of Intec IT Capital. Later, he conducted an MBO in collaboration with SIGMAXYZ and became the President of SX Capital. He has been engaged in investment and development of IT ventures in Japan and abroad for more than 20 years, and has supported the IPO of many companies.

Atsuyuki Ariga



Atsuyuki Ariga joined SIGMAXYZ after working for a general trading company and a foreign consulting firm. He has been involved in business strategy planning, organizational and operational reforms, group company reorganization, business portfolio restructuring, and M&A advisory in a wide range of industries. He also focuses on developing new businesses through joint investments with client companies and creating business models to realize a circular society through collaboration with multiple companies.

Nobu Kori



After working for a foreign consulting firm and a foreign IT company, Nobu Kori joined SIGMAXYZ in 2008.
She has been involved in organizational and operational reform, ERP implementation, and PMI projects.
At SIGMAXYZ, she designed and developed a business management process and system from scratch and contributed to its IPO.
At SIGMAXYZ Investment, she is in charge of supporting the business growth of venture companies, including IPO support.

Tomoki Iwaoka

Vice President


Tomoki Iwaoka joined SIGMAXYZ in 2017 after working for a foreign consulting firm and a major online media management company. In his previous position, he was the executive officer in charge of new business development and led new business development and overseas business expansion. At SIGMAXYZ, he was involved in the investment business and was involved in venture investment, JV, fund formation, etc., from conceptualization, investment execution to growth support of the investee.

Yohei Nakao

Vice President


Yohei Nakao joined SIGMAXYZ Investment in 2023 after working for a Japanese bank. At the bank, he was in charge of the Principal Transaction Department for over 10 years, and then joined the Corporate Department where he was in charge of the Human Resources Strategy and Digital Strategy Departments.
At the Principal Transaction Department, he has been involved in supporting business growth through investment. He has experience in M&A work related to business succession, corporate turnaround, and VC business.

Akiyo Noda

Vice President


Akiyo Noda joined SIGMAXYZ in 2020 after working for a foreign investment bank (M&A advisory), a foreign asset management company (third party sales relationship manager), and a startup accelerator in Shanghai, China (director of business development). At SIGMAXYZ, she has been involved in several projects including clients’ purpose planning and marketing strategies, as well as overseas startup investment research.

Tatsuya Asukai



Tatsuya joined SIGMAXYZ in April 2017 after graduating from the University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Engineering. He has been involved in BDD, PMI, and business start-up projects for Internet service providers, as well as business planning and start-up support projects for trading companies using the technologies they have invested in.

Hiroki Tomita

Business Analyst


Hiroki Tomita joined SIGMAXYZ in 2021 as a new graduate. During his university days, he launched two business companies such as SNS services and experienced service development, organizational management, and corporate affairs. Currently, he is also focusing on a project to transform a shopping district to create a city with new value standards.

Naoko Kaneko



After working as an accounting manager at a foreign consulting firm, Naoko Kaneko was involved in all aspects of business investment (research, DD, corporate valuation, contract negotiation, JV establishment, etc.) at a foreign IT company before joining SIGMAXYZ in 2018. At SIGMAXYZ, she is in charge of portfolio company management.

Corporate Profile

Company Name:

SIGMAXYZ Investment Inc.


Toranomon Towers Office, 9th floor, 4-1-28 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Date Established:

April 1, 2021


JPY 425 million (As of June 1, 2021)


SIGMAXYZ Holdings Inc. (100%) *TSE First Section (Stock code: 6088)


Hideyuki Kudo Chairman and Representative Director

Shunichi Shibanuma President and Representative Director

Business Description:

Investment in equities, bonds, etc.

Management of investment vehicles

Consulting on corporate management and M&As

Value-up support

Group Companies:

SIGMAXYZ Holdings Inc. (Holding Company) www.sigmaxyz.com

SIGMAXYZ Inc. (Consulting)  www.sigmaxyz.com/sx

SXF Inc. (Financial EDI Services)  www.sigmaxyz.com/sxf/