Company Info
Work Style

To realize a new value creation model through collaboration, SIGMAXYZ Group is pursuing a work style that enables professionals to create value through collaboration "anytime, anywhere, with anyone".

Environment and System to Support Professionals

Since our founding in 2008, we have developed a digital workplace environment in accordance with a strict security policy. With the aim of allowing employees to freely choose the most appropriate time and place for their value-creating activities, we are developing business activities that do not depend on office work by utilizing digital technology in all areas related to the Group's business operations through the following environments and mechanisms.

  • Work anytime, anywhere, and with anyone

    Digital & mobile environment

  • Everyone shares information, knowledge and experience, so everyone will grow

    Knowledge management system

  • Eliminate hierarchy, move roles and teams as a network

    Holacracy-based organization

  • Visualize management and maximize management speed and flexibility

    Real-time management control system

  • Evaluate human resources based on the performance they demonstrated, not the time they took

    Professional personnel system

  • An office is not just a workplace, but also a place to create value through collaboration

    Free address (Open seating) office

  • Further increase productivity and creativity through the use of digital technology

    Digitization of various internal operations


As we have a work style that is not confined to where we work, we have positioned our headquarters office as a place for communication and collaboration. It is designed to be a place where professionals from inside and outside the company can gather and collaborate, as well as a place where creativity can be stimulated.


The office entrance is based on a forest motif. The chirping of birds, the scent of the forest, and images of the scenery changing with the seasons create an extraordinary atmosphere that stimulates creativity.


The "Market" is located in the center of the office. It is an open space where people from inside and outside the company gather for the purpose of communication and collaboration. It is used not only for meetings but also for lunch and coffee breaks.

Market (Stairway Area)

A multipurpose space used for various briefings and knowledge sharing events. A large horizontal three-screen display can be used for dynamic presentations.


A work space with completely open seating. Wireless LAN is available and AC adapters are stored within each table, so employees can work anywhere with their own laptops.


A meeting space that can be used without reservation. The inside of the enclosure is a whiteboard, perfect for brainstorming. The naming is derived from the Japanese proverb, "Three people together make Monju's wisdom.”

Conference Room

The conference room is equipped with multi-screen projectors and LCD TVs, allowing for efficient and high-quality meetings with multiple content projections.

Meeting Room

A compact meeting room. Different colors and shapes of chairs and wallpaper in each room stimulate creativity even in a playful way.

Training Room

The training room can accommodate up to about 60 people in a school-style setting. It is mainly used for new graduate training and in-house training.

Goldfish bowl

This is the office space for the president and other members of management. It is called the "goldfish bowl" because there are no individual rooms and it is surrounded by glass.

X-base (cross base) Harajuku

This is a cafe-style collaboration space that opened in 2020 as an environment where professionals from inside and outside the company (employees, customers, and business partners) can freely co-create. Surrounded by greenery, this open space has become a hub for innovation creation.