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Human Assets Development Policy

SIGMAXYZ Group believes that value co-creators responsible for co-creating value represent the source of the Group’s business growth and ability to create a sustainable and beautiful society of tomorrow.

Human Assets Development Policy (Established in March 2023)
Employees are human assets, not human resource
The growth and value creation of employees is the source of the organization’s growth.
In other words, employees are assets.
SIGMAXYZ Group aims to establish a work environment where diverse human assets can demonstrate their abilities with high motivation, and work on value creation in their own way,
while growing sustainably.

Diversity maximizes the value of collaboration

The more people who aspire to grow professionally while maintaining their own life-work balance join an organization, the more diverse it will become. There is a dynamic joy in admitting and respecting differences among people, and creating value out of the combination. SIGMAXYZ Group believes that only when there is a culture where employees embrace it will we become an organization where not only female and international personnel, but also people with diverse personalities, gather and thrive.

New graduate and mid-career hired ration Age ratio Mid-career recuruitment consultant's previous job

As of the end of March, 2023, consolidated

Results for fiscal year ended March 31, 2021

Results for fiscal year ended March 31, 2022

Results for fiscal year ended March 31,

Target for fiscal year ended March 31,

Proportion of women in management positions





Proportion of mid-career personnel recruited in management positions





Proportion of foreigners in management positions





Proportion of employees taking childcare leave, etc.



Gender pay gap (SIGMAXYZ Inc.only)*



*The criteria for determining class and pay are the same for both men and women.
(Each indicator above is calculated in accordance with the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace,
and some results for previous years have been recalculated and revised.)

Four para-athletes belong to the SIGMAXYZ Group, and in addition to participating in various competitions, they are involved in activities to promote para-sports and accessibility through lectures and social events.

The ability and professionalism of each para-athlete also promotes our “Diversity of Capabilities”.

Work environment supporting value co-creation (policy for improving the internal environment)

SIGMAXYZ Group’s work style is characterized as “Professional & Collaboration,” and we have created an environment where diverse human assets can demonstrate their abilities with high motivation, and work on value creation in their own way, while growing sustainably.

Holacracy-based organization

Network-type organization emphasizing the autonomy of every individual

Capability development framework (CDF)

Sustainable growth through work and learning based on personalized career plan

Learning program

Access to various training opportunities internally and externally according to individual learning plans in a cafeteria-type format

Knowledge-sharing system

Sharing of information, knowledge and experiences, and growing together

Professional personnel system

Evaluate based on the performance they demonstrated, not the time they took on work

Digital and mobile workplace

Fully digital environment allowing employees to freely select where and when they work

Free address system

Work spaces emphasizing collaboration and value creation

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Health management program

Provision of various programs empowering employees to acquire health knowledge, know themselves, and take required actions autonomously

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Benefits program

Various programs allowing employees to concentrate on value creation while achieving work-life balance