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The Concept of Diversity

Diversity of Capabilities

Diversity of capabilities is the most important aspect of the SIGMAXYZ Group. We believe that professionals with diverse skills, knowledge, and experience can maximize the value they create by collaborating and leveraging their abilities. For this reason, we have a deeply rooted sense of values within the company: respecting, recognizing, and learning from each other's abilities so that we can grow together and demonstrate our capabilities as a team for the benefit of our customers and society.

As of March 2022, about 60% of our employees have joined us as experienced hires. Their backgrounds include not only the consulting industry, but also the IT service industry, trading companies, manufacturers, distribution and other businesses, venture companies, and academia. The remaining 40% are new graduates, who are growing into professionals through the recruitment and training by these diverse consultants.

New graduate and mid-career hired ration Age ratio Mid-career recuruitment consultant's previous job

As of March 2022 (Consolidated figures)

Four para-athletes belong to the SIGMAXYZ Group, and in addition to participating in various competitions, they are involved in activities to promote para-sports and accessibility through lectures and social events.

The ability and professionalism of each para-athlete also promotes our “Diversity of Capabilities”.

Diversity of Work styles

In the SIGMAXYZ Group, employees work in different ways. It is natural that each employee has a different way of balancing life and work, and we believe that it is important for each employee to manage their "life-work" balance autonomously to enhance their performance.

For example, changes in life stages such as childbirth, childcare, and nursing care may make it difficult for you to work typical hours or to attend the office. There are also career stages that require time for self-investment, such as going to school to improve oneself. There are also options such as lecturing, teaching, or participating in outside study groups to utilize your knowledge.

The SIGMAXYZ Group respects the challenge of balancing life and work and supports it through various systems. Since its inception, the company has designed its offices, including remote ones, based on the concept of a "digital workplace environment" where employees can connect to the company network "anytime" and "anywhere" and collaborate with "anyone", and continues to update it in line with the changing times.