Working Toward the Future

As its initiative to create a beautiful future society, SIGMAXYZ will envision scenarios to transform cross-industrial areas and promote collaboration with a wide range of partners.

Next-generation city development

The SIGMAXYZ Group positions "cities" as "real platforms" where various innovations are born, and is working on "city development" for the future. SIGMAXYZ and Tokyu Corporation have started promoting the nexus project, an initiative aimed at creating a new consumer-oriented city, in the Tama Garden City area.
In the regional area, we are considering an environmentally-friendly, decentralized autonomous, next-generation infrastructure in Obuse Town, Nagano Prefecture.

Food innovation

SIGMAXYZ promotes collaboration of diverse companies and organizations, to address social issues and to create new values in the food domain.

In March 2023, in collaboration with Osaka University and three companies, others, SIGMAXYZ established the "Consortium for Future Innovation by Cultured Meat" to help make the social implementation of edible cultured meat manufacturing technology a reality using 3D bioprinting. In collaboration with companies and organizations that have different technologies and knowledge, we are speeding up what they are doing toward developing technology and bringing it to society, with the aim being to help solve environmental and food issues, improve people's health, and help propose the future of food.

The next generation of manufacturing

By incorporating technologies from the digital and real fusion domains such as AM (additive manufacturing), robotics, and digital twin, we support the transformation of the Japanese manufacturing industry into a next-generation business type.
SIGMAXYZ joined the AM Study Group, as the secretariat, an industry-academia collaborative research group of The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials established by the Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University. More than 80 private companies, 14 universities, and 8 research institutes* will promote strengthening the manufacturing industry by building AM science and technologies such as the use of 3D printers in various materials (e.g. metals, ceramics, resins, and cells) beyond the framework of industry, academia, government, and academic societies.

* Number of participating organizations: As of September 2022

Green transformation

Since the government announced carbon neutrality by 2050 as its policy, decarbonization has rapidly become a business trend and an indispensable element in corporate business promotion. Countries that account for more than 90% of the world's GDP have set long-term carbon neutrality targets, and the amount of funds required for the transformation is said to be 3,000 trillion yen, creating a super mega market.
How will Japanese companies and regions grow and develop in response to these megatrends? How should Japanese companies, who are forced to make changes, respond in the future? We will provide escorting-type support for a wide range of decarbonization needs, taking into account domestic and overseas trends.

Sharing logistics across companies and industries

In the logistics industry, there is concern that the shortage of drivers will accelerate due to the introduction of the upper limit on overtime work in 2024, and there is concern over the coming of an “untransportable era.”
Under these circumstances, the government's promotion of developing a logistics ecosystem (shared use of logistics-related assets) is expected to begin in 2030. On the other hand, the logistics industry still relies on KKD (which in Japanese are kan (intuition), keiken (experience), and dokyo (courage)), and it is difficult to solve problems with the logic from desktops alone.
In promoting the development of an ecosystem, it is essential that the people and companies responsible for operations and systems are connected and that they cooperate with each other. SIGMAXYZ provides a place for people and companies with various ideas to connect with each other, and as an aggregator, promotes the transformation to develop next-generation logistics.

Digital healthcare

Japan is the fastest aging society in the world. Currently in Japan, about 30% of the total population is 65 or older, and it is expected to increase another 10% by 2050. In addition, medical expenses in Japan are projected to increase from approximately 45 trillion yen to 70 trillion yen by 2040, and we will be burdened with medical expenses.
Compared to other countries, we are lucky to have the current medical and nursing systems in Japan, but there are many issues to overcome, such as costs and human resource shortages. SIGMAXYZ is working to present a new form of medical care and nursing care by utilizing cutting-edge examples of digital healthcare.

The next generation of retail

In today's rapidly changing world, predicting the future is becoming more and more difficult. The retail industry, which supports the daily lives of consumers, must envision how society will be and how people will live going forward to create a valuable future for consumers.
SIGMAXYZ will plan and implement a "vision of the future for retail business" from the perspective of people living in the coming world, based on its experience in supporting companies in the retail industry for a long time in the past.

The next generation of banking services

Amid global volatility in prices and foreign exchange rates, the financial industry has significantly grown with the emergence of new banking services, such as decentralized finance.
In this environment, SIGMAXYZ is working to formulate a vision for the future of banking business that differs from existing values. In addition to supporting customers in the financial industry from the beginning of our company, in 2022, we joined the Japan Cryptoasset Business Association (JCBA), the Blockchain Collaborative Consortium (BCCC), and the Japan Blockchain Association (JBA). While researching and analyzing the latest technologies and the trends of the authorities in each country, we will proceed with the study together with industry stakeholders.

Mobility (MaaS)

"Mobility," which relates to the spatial movement of people and things, is an important infrastructure that supports our lives and industries. However, each region faces various challenges, such as an increase in the number of people who have difficulty traveling due to discontinued public transportation routes, and time loss due to constant traffic congestion.
SIGMAXYZ has been a member of JCoMaaS since 2022, and has been conducting a wide range of research and analysis on trends in mobility services in Japan and overseas, the technologies that make up them, and their impact on urban development. We are also working with government agencies, local governments, and automobile manufacturers to formulate a transportation system that will achieve a sustainable transportation society.