Message from SIGMAXYZ GROUP 2023

Message from

“Open the door and let's connect.”
SIGMAXYZ Group's 2022 began with this cheerful message.

However, the world was in the midst of a huge change out there.

Geopolitics, economics, the global environment, and the state of people.
We came to recognize that we were in the midst of historical turbulence that we had never experienced before
and that we were faced with the question of how we should be from now on.

In a time when no one can predict the future,
what is important now is visioning a future that we believe in
and having the strength to keep moving forward
while holding hands with colleagues who share the same goal and vision.

We at SIGMAXYZ Group will continue to take action with strong determination, expand our collaborative network,
and move forward steadily toward creating a beautiful tomorrow together.

We are with you in 2023, same as always.