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We believe that the value of a company is a synthesis of financial and non-financial value, and place importance on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors in promoting our business.
In addition to our own initiatives, we contribute to society and the environment through our business activities and collaboration with partners, such as promoting the transformation of Japanese companies.

Basic Sustainability Policy

We aim to create a sustainable and beautiful society through embodying
"Create a Beautiful Tomorrow Together."

Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee was established in October 2021. We are strengthening our commitment to ESG and SDGs by examining important issues related to them, including climate-related issues, and by monitoring risks and regularly reporting to the Board of Directors. An outline of the Sustainability Committee's operations is as follows:

  • The Sustainability Committee consists of the Chairperson of the Committee, the Managing Director and CFO, the executive officer responsible for business, and the head of the management department. In addition, we have established sub-committees for each of the three components of ESG: "Environment," "Society," and "Governance."
  • Important matters related to sustainability issue initiatives are discussed at the management meeting, and are reported, and overseen at the Board of Directors.
  • The Sustainability Committee is held once a month to discuss topics such as the development of initiatives against issues concerning sustainability. In addition, they examine measures to address sustainability issues and monitor progress.

Environmental Initiatives

  • SIGMAXYZ Inc., a consulting business, endorses the GX League Basic Concept, which is led by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) Industrial Science and Technology Policy and Environment Bureau. We have also participated in the Japan Association of New Economy's Carbon Neutral Working Group (WG).
  • In our investment business, we focus on the areas that enrich people's lives while making wise use of global resources (regenerative and well-being) as investment areas, promoting investment services that support value creation. In FY22, we invested in SHIZEN ENERGY Inc., which develops and operates power plants using renewable energy.
  • The entire SIGMAXYZ Group have implemented paperless internal information sharing processes. In addition, we have stopped offering beverages in PET bottles and switched clear folders made of plastic materials to paper-based ones in our business premises.
KPIs (non-financial targets) FY 2019 Actual FY 2020 Actual FY 2021 Actual
Electricity usage 222,556kw 222,824kw 191,730kw
Paper usage 3,380Kg 1,420Kg 1,080Kg
Waste 8,969Kg 4,313Kg 5,497Kg
Amount recycled 2,800Kg 2,160Kg 2,160Kg

Social Initiatives

  • We strive for value-added activities to address social problems as well as our clients' issues. On commencement of the project, a forum for consensus building is set up with the client concerning whether it will contribute to the achievement of the 17 goals of the SDGs
Percentage of projects related to SDGs (based on contract volume)
  • We are striving to construct "social multi-sided platforms" to form an ecosystem where people in Japan and overseas who empathize with and support our initiatives gather to address social issues.

Example of building Social Multi-sided Platforms "Social Implementation of 3D Bioprinting Technology"

In March 2022, SIGMAXYZ concluded a collaboration agreement with the Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University and Shimadzu Corporation for the "social implementation of 3D bioprinting technology".
Taking advantage of its high program management capabilities and its alliance network with a variety of companies, including the food tech community, the company is playing a role as a program management office in this collaboration.

  • While supporting the revitalization of domestic industries and local communities, we will continue to work toward the formation of an ecosystem that will generate new value through employment and procurement in local areas of more than 80% of SIGMAXYZ Group’s business transactions.
  • We focus on creating an environment where diverse personnel can come together and play active roles.
KPI (Non-Financial Targets) FY 2019 Actual FY 2020 Actual FY 2021 Actual FY2030 Target
Number of women in management positions (proportion) 34(14%) 38(15%) 43(18%) 25%
Number of mid-career personnel recruited in management positions (proportion) 215(90%) 221(88%) 206(83%) 80%
Number of foreigners in management positions (proportion) 0(0%) 1(0.4%) 2(0.9%) 2.5%

Governance Initiatives

In order to further enhance the corporate governance system, we have established an Audit & Supervisory Committee including several independent outside directors. We have adopted this system as we believe it will further strengthen the supervisory functions of the Board of Directors, ensure management transparency, and improve efficiency.

Diagram of the corporate governance system (as of April 2022)

FY 2019 Actual FY 2020 Actual FY 2021 Actual
Number of Directors 12 12 13
Number of Outside Directors 7 7 7
Number of Independent Officers 7 7 7
Number of Female Directors 1 1 2
Number of Audit & Supervisory Committee Members 3 3 3

Obtain B Corporation Certification

We have obtained the "B Corporation Certification" for the business and activities of SIGMAXYZ Group.
More than 5000 companies in 80 countries have obtained this certification.
SIGMAXYZ Group is the first listed company group that has its headquarters in Japan. (As of May 2022)