Create a Beautiful Tomorrow Together

Message from President of SIGMAXYZ Holdings Inc.

A New Value Creation Model that will Accelerate the Evolution of Society

In an environment where future changes are unpredictable, the VUCA era has arrived where conventional logic and existing business models will no longer be the norm. This is not only a starting point for reviewing past actions, but also an opportunity to change society in a significant way.

The SIGMAXYZ Group is always looking to the future to create a new vision for the industry, combining its consulting and investment businesses with a broad alliance network to create new value together with clients and business partners.

And for that purpose, we need to collaborate with people who have a broad range of capabilities. We will continue to maintain the importance of "human assets," the source of value creation, and grow as an organization by maximizing the capabilities and motivation of each and every professionals. In addition, our goal is to promote the evolution of society by expanding collaboration with a broad range of companies, organizations, individuals, and communities not only within the Group but also across industries.

We believe that companies can accelerate transformation as the winds of environmental change intensifies, just as the sails of a ship catch the headwinds and move forward. The SIGMAXYZ Group will always make strong and steady progress toward the future, together with everyone.

Ryuichi Tomimura
Representative Director and President
SIGMAXYZ Holdings Inc.

代表取締役社長 富村 隆一

Our Mission, Vision and Value


Contribute to realizing Society 5.0 and attaining the Sustainable
Development Goals (SDGs) together with clients and partners.

  • Promote digital transformation in companies.
  • Establish and operate joint ventures and support venture companies.
  • Form multi-sided platforms that co-create high value.


Create a Beautiful Tomorrow Together

“Trust” between people,
“standards of reciprocities” to help each other,
and a “network” of connections through bonds.
Thoughts on social relationship assets based on these
3 axes and the importance of them being widely
understood and penetrated are being reevaluated
in countries that aim to achieve SDGs.

Further, we believe that these social relationship
assets themselves are the identity that we have
cultivated in Japan and the beauty of society.

Through our corporate activities, SIGMAXYZ aims to
contribute toward a society fulfilled with this beauty.

A beautiful society in which we respect each other while
going beyond generations and personalities and everybody
can live and thrive comfortably with hope in daily life.

In order to achieve this SIGMAXYZ cooperates with clients,
partners, and various individuals and organizations,
aiming to achieve goals with others like Sherpas
and creating value on our own at times.

We start with taking one step at a time for a more beautiful tomorrow.


Business value

Sharing Thoughts
Understand partners' real intentions, and communicate our real intentions.
Share goals beyond differences in position, and create high value.
Combine all people, products, and experiences to create new value.
Act together all the way to completion.
Agility & Speed
Sense and respond to changes quickly.
Intellectual Fight
Pursue outstanding quality without compromise.

Human value

Openness & Trust
Open ourselves, then trust our partners.
Be earnest about everything.
Carefully consider our partners' thoughts and feelings before taking action.
Sense of Beauty
Strive to be esthetically beautiful.
Respect for Difference
Know, understand and respect a diverse range of values.
Respect and help partners.

SIGMAXYZ Group's "Three Innovations"

SIGMAXYZ Group defines corporate digital transformation as the following "Three Innovations (3X)." Our goal is to achieve the 3X of the Japanese companies together with the entire group.

(1) Digital transformation in a narrow sense (DX)—to streamline existing operations and business through digitalization; (2) Service transformation (SX)—to develop new value creation models with digital technology; (3) Management transformation (MX)—to transform the management structure itself in order to accelerate DX and SX.

How companies approach digital transformation depends on their strategy, but SIGMAXYZ Group believes that only when these three transformations are achieved will companies make a new start by utilizing digital technology. Consulting, investment, and alliance network capabilities are needed in order to achieve this. Having all of these in its group, SIGMAXYZ Group will vigorously promote the digital transformation of Japanese industries.

Our Digital Transformation: Three Innovations

  • 1. Digital Transformation (DX)Streamline existing business operations
  • 2. Service Transformation (SX)Create new value
  • 3. Management Transformation (MX)Management platform reform

Group Business Structure
Creating business value through consulting and investment

SIGMAXYZ Group's business is centered on "consulting services (SIGMAXYZ Inc.)" and "investment (SIGMAXYZ Investment Inc.)."

SIGMAXYZ Inc., a consulting firm, is equipped with a wide range of capabilities including program and project management, ERP cloud migration services, business process transformation, construction of multi-sided platforms, new business development and operation, in addition to promotion of the Three Innovations (DX, SX, MX). The company not only provides a consulting service for problem solving, but also promotes business alignment to create new business models, draws up scenarios for establishing joint ventures, and will take part in value-creation activities by leveraging the investments made by SIGMAXYZ Investment Inc. SIGMAXYZ Investment Inc. expands investment projects, and supports investee companies increase their value by leveraging the capabilities of SIGMAXYZ Inc. The company will contribute to achieving the SIGMAXYZ Group's 3X through its investment business aiming to create values to the society.

Innovation comes from networks and collaboration between people and organizations. SIGMAXYZ Group will flexibly combine its consulting and investment capabilities in line with its objectives, and will work to create new value by taking advantage of the broad networking capabilities of each group company.

Group structure

Subsidiaries and Affiliates