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Businesses of SIGMAXYZ

We provide consulting services and operate related businesses, seeking continuous growth of values, by utilizing experiences, human assets and business networks mutually.

Consulting services

We organize each project by combining professionals with various skills.

Strategy & System Sherpa
  • Strategy Planning & Marketing 
  • IT Architecture
  • Business Transformation
  • IT Service Management
  • Operation Management
  • Security
  • Global Enterprise
  • System Assembling
  • Retail Innovation
P2 Sherpa
  • Project Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Change Management

*P2: Program & Project

Digital Force Sherpa
  • Digital Planning
  • AI & Analytics
  • IoT & Robotics
  • Digital Communications
  • Cloud Solutions
Heuristic Sherpa
  • Vision forest
  • Innovation-triggering Organization
  • Business Innovation

Representative themes for consulting projects

Main themes of projects provided by SIGMAXYZ.

  • M&A strategies
  • Introduction of a global HR system/visualization of human assets
  • Assistance in designing IT strategies and midterm plans
  • Management of organizational integration after M&A
  • Future-management based business operation
  • Large-scale system development Project management office
  • Design of business strategies
  • Introduction of the digital mobile work style
  • Design of strategies for shared services
  • Development of new businesses
  • Introduction of the project work system
  • Digital marketing strategies/design, development and introduction of measures
  • (Vision forest*) Setting vison for transformation and innovation
  • Security/Anti financial crimes
  • Notes migration support
  • Transformation to innovation oriented organization
  • Global supply chain management
  • Support for development of IT management and governance systems
  • Support for global operation (Japanese and overseas firms)
  • Real/digital store management
  • Support for development of service management office

* Vision forest: Organizational reform approach combining arts and consulting services

M&A Service

SXA Inc. is a 100% subsidiary of SIGMAXYZ. Collaborating with Strategy & System Sherpa of SIGMAXYZ, SXA Inc. provides end to end M&A services, from strategy planning, implementation to post-merger integration (PMI). SXA is comprised of M&A consultants assigned from SIGMAXYZ, and staff who have worked in accounting firms, attorney firms, investment banks and investment funds, supporting clients’ M&A execution.

SXA Inc. (100% subsidiary) Established in October 2014

Provision of M&A advisory services
  • Financial advisory
  • Due diligence
  • valuation
  • Business revitalization advisory
  • Development of an in-house M&A system

Real Business

SIGMAXYZ leverages the knowledge, experiences and networks acquired through our consulting services/delivery for creating and operating joint ventures and incubation projects, with our clients and business partners.

Plan Do See System Inc. (Affiliate)
Equity participation from October 2014

Delivery of cloud services for hotel and bridal industry
(SIGMAXYZ solution, bridal solution and hotel management)

Lawson Digital Innovation Inc. (Affiliate)
Established in January 2016

Promoting digitization of Lawson business
Design, development, implementation and operation of Lawson next-generation systems

MC Data Plus, Inc. (Business Investments Affiliate)
Established in July 2015

Offer of the cloud service for construction business
(Used by approximately 32,000 companies, at over 10,000 construction sites)

Developing new business utilizing big data

SX Capital, Inc. (Business Investments Affiliate)
Equity participation from September 2016

Conduct asset management of investment partnership which invests in start-up companies.